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It's a complete visitor and SEO analytics, a great tool to analyze your site's visitors and analyze any site's information. Believe us, you need it.

Key Features : Top SEO Biz

The Most Complete Visitor Analytics & SEO Tools

Visitor Analytics

It Has the ability to analyze your own website's informations

Website Analytics

It Has the ability to analyze any other website's informations

Native API

It has native API by which developers can integrate it’s facilities with another app

LinkCollider - SEO Tools with Social Media Advertising

Detailed Features

Top SEO Biz Is An App To Analyze Your Site Visitors And Analyze Any Site's Information Such As Alexa Data, SimilarWeb Data, Whois Data, Social Media Data, Moz Check, Search Engine Index, Google Page Rank, IP Analysis, Malware Check Etc

Visitor Analytics

Unique Visitor, Page View, Bounce Rate, Average Stay Time, Average Visit, Traffic Analysis, Top Refferer, New & Returning Visitor, Content Overview, Country & Browser Report, OS & Device Report

Website Analytics

Alexa data, SimilarWeb data, Whois data, Social media data, moz check, dmoz check, search engine index, google page rank, IP analysis, malware check

Social Network Analysis

Facebook Share, Xing Share, Reddit Score Up & Down, Pinterest Pin, Buffer Share, StumbleUpon View

Rank & Index Analysis

Alexa Rank, Alexa Data, SimilarWeb Rank & Data, MOZ Check, Google Index, Yahoo Index, Bing Index

Domain Analysis

Whois Search, Auction Domain List,DNS Information, Server Information

IP Analysis

What is my IP, Domain IP Information,Sites in Same IP, Ipv6 Compability Check, IP Canonical Check, IP Traceout

Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analyzer, Keyword Position, Keyword Position Tracking (Daily), Correlared Trending Keywords, Keyword Auto Suggestion

Link Analysis

Link Analyzer (internal, external, doFollow, noFollow), Page Status Check

Backlink & Ping

Google Backlink Search, Backlink Generator, Website/Blog Ping

Malware Scan

Google Safe Browser, Norton, VirusTotal (67 different scans)

Google Tools & Utilities

Google URL Shortener + Analytics, Google Adwords Scraper, Email Encoder/ Decoder, URL Encoder/ Decoder, Base64 Encoder/Decoder, Meta Tag Generator, Robot Code Generator, Plagiarism Check, Valid Email Check, Duplicate Email Filter, URL Canonical Check, Gzip Check

Code minifier

HTML code minifier, CSS code minifier, JS code minifier

Visitor Analytics


Visitor Analytics is one the key features of Top SEO Biz. You can analyze your own website's informations.

Input Domain

Input a domain name and click on save button

Get js embed code

You will get a js code by clicking on save button

Put js Code

Copy the embedded js code and paste it into your web page

Get Report Everyday

You will get daily report about your website

About Our App


World’s very first, most powerful and Complete Visitor Analytics & SEO Tools

Top SEO Biz -The Most Complete Visitor Analytics & SEO Tools

It's a app to analyze your site visitors and analyze ay site's information such as alexa data,similarWeb data, whois data, social media data, Moz check, DMOZ check, search engine index, google page rank, IP analysis, malware check etc. combined with some other great SEO tools such as link analysis, keyword position analysis, auto keyword suggestion,page status check, backlink creation/search, website ping, google adword scraper etc.

You will get some bonus utility tools such as email encoder/decoder, metatag generator, ogtag generator, plgiarism check, valid email check, duplicate email filter, url encode/decode, robot code generator etc.

It has native APIs by which developers can integrate it's facilities with another app.

Nice colorful widgets are available. You can simply copy & paste some line of codes to any page you want and can display site information.

App Screenshots


Here are some screenshots of Top SEO Biz See the amazing shots and enjoy.

Awesome App

Top SEO Biz - The Most Complete Visitor Analytics & SEO Tools. It's An App To Analyze Your Site Visitors And Analyze Your Site's Information.


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Greatest Visitor Analytics & SEO Tools Software For Reasonable Prices. So Explore The Plans And Get The Best Software On The Earth

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Pricing Table


Get The World’s Very First, Most Powerful And Visitor Analytics & SEO Tools Software For A Reasonable Price.


USD.99 90 Days

  • Backlink & Ping : 8/Month
  • Domain Analysis : 8/Month
  • Google Adwords Scraper : 8/Month
  • IP Analysis : 8/Month
  • Website Analysis : 8/Month


USD1.99 120 Days

  • Backlink & Ping : 12/Month
  • Code minifier : Unlimited
  • Domain Analysis : 12/Month
  • Google Adwords Scraper : 12/Month
  • IP Analysis : 12/Month
  • Link Analysis : 12/Month
  • Native Widget
  • Website Analysis : 12/Month


USD2.99 250 Days

  • Backlink & Ping : 17/Month
  • Code minifier : Unlimited
  • Domain Analysis : 17/Month
  • Google Adwords Scraper : 17/Month
  • IP Analysis : 17/Month
  • Keyword Analysis : 17/Month
  • Link Analysis : 17/Month
  • Native Widget
  • Plagiarism Check : 17/Month
  • Rank & Index Analysis : 17/Month
  • Utilities
  • Website Analysis : 17/Month


USD3.99 365 Days

  • Backlink & Ping : Unlimited
  • Code minifier : Unlimited
  • Domain Analysis : Unlimited
  • Google Adwords Scraper : Unlimited
  • IP Analysis : Unlimited
  • Keyword Analysis : Unlimited
  • Keyword Position Tracking
  • Link Analysis : Unlimited
  • Native API : Unlimited
  • Native Widget
  • Plagiarism Check : Unlimited
  • Rank & Index Analysis : Unlimited
  • Security Tools : Unlimited
  • Social Network Analysis : Unlimited
  • Url shortener : Unlimited
  • Utilities
  • Visitor Analytics : Unlimited
  • Website Analysis : Unlimited

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